Policy Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit policy research and action organisation committed to evidence and research-based development. Designed to undertake multi-disciplinary research, we aim to respond to the needs of both the policymakers and vulnerable communities.

Policy Foundation identifies the unmet challenges of communities and engages in a meaningful dialogue with the policy framers and practitioners. Recognising the issues of climate change risks, agricultural adversities, water use challenges, socio-economic vulnerabilities, food and nutrition security and public health, we channelize our efforts through data driven research, policy advocacy and community development initiatives with a participatory approach.


Policy Foundation aims to conduct and use research as a powerful tool to transform the most marginalised lives including small farmers, fishermen, disempowered women, undernourished children and vulnerable communities dependent on natural resources. Our key objectives are:

  1. Policy Research- To evaluate present policies, governance systems and institutions for their impacts
  2. Design Action- To design development solutions by comprehending socio-ecological and geo-political realities
  3. Policy Advocacy- To advocate and mainstream research-based policy solutions in development planning and governance
  4. Community Development- To use research outcomes for building resilient communities through social and behavior change techniques



Climate change is emerging as a more complex and multi-faceted development challenge with increasing impacts on both rural and urban economies. We focus on climate risks in coastal cities & rural communities, extreme climatic events, regional vulnerability assessments, climate policies and governance, community based adaptation models and climate change communication approaches.


Access to energy is a critical component to meeting our sustainable development goals and unfortunately one of the major emitting sectors. In cognizant with SDG 7 and SDG 13, renewable energy sources like solar, wind and nitrogen provide immense opportunity for India to meeting its climate targets while providing affordable and clean energy to all and 'green jobs'. Our research focuses on evidence- based interventions in the transitioning towards low carbon, net zero without comprovising India's poverty reduction and development goals.


Agriculture remains as the most critical sector impacted by climate change resulting in issues of food insecurity and loss of livelihoods. Our work includes studying water, energy and agriculture (WEF) nexus and promoting climate resilient agriculture by use of precision technologies, sustainable farming practices and capacity building of farmers. By understanding inter-linkages among water, energy, agriculture and livelihoods we aim to identify better policy options for improving livelihoods and food security.


Prioritising this scarce resource in our work, we work to identify solutions for efficient water use and management across geographies. In cognisant with SDG 6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”, our focus remains on improving access to safe water through use of technology based interventions as well as community based water management models.


With about 20 million >5 children being malnourished and in India today, we cannot paint a bright future for us. Similarly, women’s health and nutrition continue to be a key concern with alarming rates of maternal mortality and poor health indices. Thus, one of our focus areas is to improve women and child health and nutrition in India



We believe in bringing our synergies together and joining hands for an impactful development work. Reach us to discuss and collaborate on new ideas for research on issues of climate change, agriculture, water or health.


Recognising that resonating ideas and experiences is key to advancement in our work, we believe in building a dialogue with fellow practitioners and researchers. We also express our interest in jointly organised events, seminars, conferences or discussions.


Policy Foundation encourages young researchers and practitioners to get involved in our projects through internships, volunteering and by working with us as full time members. Please follow us for future career openings.

Mr. Surendra Singh

Former Cabinet Secretary,
Govt. Of India

Ms. Veena Nayyar
Executive Director

President – Women’s Political Watch,
CEO – Development Exchange

Mr. Ranjan Kapur
Director, Finance

(Also) Finance Director, Amex Overseas

Dr. Kavita Sharma

President, SAARC University,
Former Principal – Hindu College, Delhi University,
Former Director – India International Centre, Delhi

Dr. J. N. Verma

Founder & MD – Lifecare Innovations
Life Sciences & Biotechnology Specialist

Dr. Lily Verma

Health Policy Specialist (in UP, MP & NCR),
MBBS, MS, Medical Research at Georgetown University.

Ms. Nirmala Fenn

Environmentalist & Former Director –Tiger Tops (India & Nepal),
Former National President – YWCA India